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Garage Door Springs Winter Problems

01/04/2014 Back To Blog

The garage door springs are not very expensive parts, but they are essential to the whole operational system and if they break down they may affect the good performance of garage door openers or other parts, like the cables. Poor maintenance and age are two basic factors that can lead to a garage door broken spring, but sometimes simple phenomena, like weather fluctuations may have terrible effects on the operation of the springs.

Can I repair the garage door springs on my own?

All experts agree on one thing: you must never attempt to do garage door torsion springs replacement on your own for safety purposes. It would be an ordinary task for a trained technician of a garage door service provider in Huntington Park.

The low winter temperatures have awful effects on the metallic parts of the mechanism and the springs are not the exception. If you combine that with the years of usage, the springs might be damaged seriously and fail to perform properly.

Lubrication maintenance is very important for the springs and must be done before it gets too cold. You can find plenty of different sprays in the market that will make this task even easier. You just have to make sure to remove any dirt before you spray.

The usual warning signs of a possible problem that would require garage door spring repair are the excessive noise and the slow pace of the door’s movement. If you notice either of the two, you should call a professional right away for immediate repair or replacement.

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